Look at This Crazy Futuristic Hangar They Spent Two Decades Building in Area 51


Area 51 is long thought to be where the government keeps and tests out its more secretive advanced aircraft projects, while others straight up claim its where the government is hiding UFOs.

Now, after an update to Google Maps timelapse feature, people can see in much more detail than ever before how Area 51 has evolved over the decades. According to the Daily Mail, not only have they built on much longer, wider runways (and more runways), but military engineers have been digging into the mountain on the west side of the base, excavating the area for decades. Who knows how extensive the underground structure really is there by now (besides the people who work there, of course).

Area 51 continues to be covered by a strictly enforced 23-mile no-fly zone for civilian aircraft… but they can’t block satellite images from space (not that those images can’t be edited and modified in the interest of national security, but let’s not digress…)

Many have focused specifically on one of Area 51’s new hangars. This guy Scott Waring on YouTube says it looks like they’re hiding a Millennium Falcon in there.

What do you think that is?

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