Madonna’s Misguided Rant About Trump’s Win, “Women hate women…it felt like someone died… we’re f*cked”


Recently “Woman of the Year” Madonna was interviewed by Elizabeth Banks for Billboard and she was specifically asked about her feelings on the outcome of the 2016 election.

After Madonna brought up ­misogynists, Banks transitioned into the topic with, “Speaking of: How did you feel about the outcome of the election?”

Madonna: It felt like someone died. It felt like a ­combination of the heartbreak and betrayal you feel when someone you love more than anything leaves you, and also a death. I feel that way every morning; I wake up and say, “Oh, wait, Donald Trump is still the president,” and it wasn’t a bad dream that I had. It feels like women betrayed us. The percentage of women who voted for Trump was insanely high.

And why does Madonna think that is?

Madonna: Women hate women. That’s what I think it is. Women’s nature is not to support other women. It’s really sad. Men protect each other, and women protect their men and children. Women turn inward and men are more external. A lot of it has do with jealousy and some sort of tribal inability to accept that one of their kind could lead a nation. Other people just didn’t bother to vote because they didn’t like either candidate, or they didn’t think Trump had a chance in the world. They took their hands off the wheel and then the car crashed.

She also says she’s gotten into major arguments with Trump voters:

Madonna: That they would rather have a successful businessman running the country than a woman who lies. Just absurd. But people don’t have faith in government as we know it. We live in a country that’s run by ­bankers. In a way, it makes sense that Donald Trump is the president. Because money rules. Not intelligence, not experience, not a moral compass, not the ability to make wise ­decisions, not the ability to think of the future of the human race.

Well, she’s at least right about a couple things and not 100% bats in the belfry. People don’t have faith in government and bankers do run the country.

What she never makes clear is why Hillary Clinton, who was going around giving $300,000+ private “us and them” speeches for megabanks like Goldman Sachs, is somehow magically less of a banker puppet than Trump in her eyes.

It makes no sense.

According to Madonna, “we’re f*cked”:

I was devastated, surprised, in shock. I haven’t really had a good night’s sleep since he has been elected. We’re f—ed.

But the question she didn’t answer because she was never asked is how are we any more f*cked than we would’ve been under Hillary Clinton, a woman with 40 straight years of corruption trailing behind her like the thick black slime out of the Bog of Eternal Stench?

It’s like Madonna has her finger hovering over the answer… people hate government, they hate bankers, so how does she not understand that it was that distrust and hate which elected what appeared at the time to be an outsider like Donald Trump over a through and through until she’s blue in the face Washington insider like Hillary? It has nothing to do with women hating women.

It has to do with the majority of the county hating that particular woman.

(Maybe she’s just offended because Madonna offered oral sex to the entire city of NYC if they would vote for Hillary, and people still didn’t.)

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