Jill Stein’s Gonna Donate Leftover Recount Money (If There’s Any Money Left, That Is)


The only question left is what is Jill Stein going to do with the leftovers of the over $7.4 million she raised for her totally fruitless vote recounts? Recounts that clearly favored Hillary with the hopes of overturning the election results?

In fact, the one in Michigan actually managed to uncover voter fraud on the Democrat side, with 59% of precincts largely favoring Hillary having way more ballots cast than were on the books.

As Twitchy notes, Stein easily surpassed monetary goal after monetary goal merely by suggesting “‘a tiny 50,000-vote shift’ could tip the Electoral College to Hillary Clinton”.

Money from desperate Hillary supporters and never-Trumpers began pouring in after that.

Alas, as we have extensively reported here, here, here, and here, Stein’s recount was riddled with problems ultimately leading to, well, a whole lot of nothing (except that Democrat voter fraud uncovered in Michigan).

Well now Jill says she’s going to donate whatever money is left to voter rights and election reform groups… but no one really knows what, if anything, is actually left.

But as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported, “Stein’s campaign said it raised $7.3 million for its recount efforts and has up to $7.4 million in outstanding costs, but expects those estimated expenses to decrease as the actual costs are tallied.”

So… how much will be left?

According to Washington Free Beacon, nearly a million went to “consultants, staff, and administrative expenses”.

We’re all shocked, aren’t you?

The question remains… Why did she go to all this trouble? It wasn’t good PR for her, that’s for sure.

Maybe there’s a few more questions after all: what dog did she have in this race? Was Jill bored? Did she really just want all those email addresses for future fundraising purposes?

That wouldn’t work, considering she did such a bad job of delivering this time… that’s like having millions of email addresses of people who are now feel ripped off and thoroughly disappointed in you and your party.

Or more simply, was Jill Stein ordered to legitimize the nation’s election system in a highly publicized way? Because otherwise, this entire thing just seems like a ridiculous, expensive, short-lived, and ultimately pointless zoo.

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