More Proof Hillary Was Sure She Would Win Without a Real Campaign: Supporters Turned Away from Campaign Offices, No Yard Signs, No Literature


Although Hillary Clinton managed to raise a whopping billion dollars during her presidential campaign — that’s billion with a ‘B’ — what’s quite clear is that someone, somewhere had made assurances to her that she was going to win without even really having to try because there was no ground campaign in states like Michigan where it mattered.

What do I mean by that?

Check out how supporters showing up at Hillary’s campaign offices offering to canvass neighborhoods handing out literature or yard signs were actually turned away empty handed:

Not “scientifically significant”? Seriously? Doesn’t every little bit help?

Other people chimed in about getting turned away as well.

With a billion dollars, it isn’t like she couldn’t afford a few pamphlets or something… but even without literature, her campaign officers were turning their own supporters away as if the queen didn’t need any help.

Of course, the mainstream media is being called out once again for all the Clinton PR they put out about Hillary’s supposedly great ground game:

While people are making jokes about how Clinton “had no ground game,” that doesn’t even seem to be the takeaway here.

The takeaway is this woman obviously thought she had the whole thing in the bag and didn’t even need to play the game in the first place. (She did a bad enough job pretending to play it as it was.)

Well, that, and where did that billion dollars she raised go if she didn’t even offer up a few measly print outs with her message on them?

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