NYPD Raids Wrong Home, Posts Humiliating Photos of Incident on Snapchat


Leave it to the New York Police Department to ruin Christmas for an innocent family.

Last Thursday, officers from the NYPD raided a home in Brooklyn, handcuffed the family living there, and posted photos of them on the Snapchat social media app:


Santiago and her family say their Brooklyn home was raided by the NYPD warrant squad on Thursday night.

Problem is, the cops raided the wrong house…and humiliated the wrong family (not that doing this to anyone is cool, anyway):

Kimberly Santiago, 28, said the photos that were posted on the Snapchat app show her relatives being detained as warrant squad cops rummaged through her Dumont Ave. apartment in Brownsville on Thursday morning.

The officers spent about three hours rummaging through the apartment while the family members were handcuffed. Santiago said the cops had the wrong house:

“Ya’ll know that when you came to this house, looking for the wrong person that we don’t even know,” she said.

NYPD denies that they had the wrong address, but would not reveal who or what it was looking for, citing a pending investigation.

Santiago said one of the cops stood watching the group from the door, typing away on his phone, and she assumed he was texting someone. But after the officers left, she saw a picture on Snapchat under the New York Stories section – and it was of her and her family handcuffed.

“The things that he wrote, it’s like, this what you all do? If he did that picture, how many other families he’s done that to? And he was the only one standing there watching us. You’re letting the whole world know you’re a crooked cop and you don’t take your job serious.”

The family called 911 on the cops, and Internal Affairs is investigating. The officer who took the photo has been suspended without pay, but his name has not been released.

Santiago said the family is quite upset:

“The worst part was the Snapchats. That’s what really got to me.

I felt violated, embarrassed, everything in the book. He doesn’t deserve to be a police officer. If he does that, what else is he doing on the low that nobody knows?”

Eric Boehm of Reason has a suggestion for the NYPD:

On-duty police officers shouldn’t be using Snapchat, but maybe they should download Waze—the map app that cops love to hate—so they can find the proper address and arrest the right suspects. When they do, there’s no legitimate reason to talk about it on social media.

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