Watch: CNN Just Did a Whole Report on What Happens if Trump Gets Assassinated Tomorrow


Well, here’s something you don’t see every day… or… ever.

CNN, a mainstream media network that proclaims itself to be “the most trusted name” in news but President-elect Donald Trump openly called fake news at his last press conference, you know, the one where Trump refused to answer CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s question, well, CNN has quite a report for Trump just a day before his inauguration.

The outlet designated nearly three and a half minutes to a segment called “Who is ‘designated survivor’ at inauguration?” which discussed what would happen if an attack would hit the incoming president and vice president tomorrow, despite the outlet reporting that as of now there are no credible threats against our soon-to-be president.

In other words, CNN was discussing who takes control of the country if Trump gets killed tomorrow.

Did they ever do a report like that about Obama? (Or any other president for that matter?)

Matt Vespa of Town Hall reported:

So, with reality upon the Left and their allies in America’s newsrooms, they know they can’t stop Trump. They know he won, though they might not like to admit it. With nothing left to do but accept defeat, they’re now pondering what if he dies tomorrow, citing that such a horrific scenario has formed the basis the ABC series Designated Survivor starring Kiefer Sutherland.

At the very least, this is some very strange TV “programming,” is it not? Especially considering that just two days ago, a man was arrested for videotaping himself threatening to assassinate Trump at his inauguration.

The report is thoroughly loathed on CNN’s official YouTube channel, where it has over 6,000 thumbs down to just over 200 thumbs up as of the time of posting this.

Commenters have even been reporting the video to YouTube for inciting violence against the president-elect.


The establishment is really working overtime on this assassination narrative, isn’t it?

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