Daily Sheeple Called “Racist White Supremacist” for Reporting on Obama’s Insane National Debt — Hopefully This Blind Ignorance Stops Today

After we reported that Obama added nearly $10 trillion dollars to the national debt in his two terms, more than any other president ever in the history of the United States, The Daily Sheeple was promptly called a racist white supremacist.


This comment epitomizes how ridiculous things have been the past eight years with people claiming just because he was the first black president in American history, no one can criticize anything Barack Obama does. If they do, logic gets tossed out the window and its ad hominem attacks like this one without even addressing the initial point.

We responded with, “Talking about the debt is racist?”

To which we got, “…”

Yeah, because, obviously, it isn’t.

No one at The Daily Sheeple has ever once criticized former president Obama because he is black. That would be racist, wrong, and ignorant to say the least.

We have, however, criticized him over the years because he expanded and extended the war in Afghanistan, expanded the unconstitutional drone wars, set a record for passing regulations, gave us the nightmare that is Obamacare, and he added more to the national debt than any other president in the history of the nation and it sucks for almost everyone (except the 0.00001%)… And that small list is just for starters.

Obama could be purple with aqua polka dots and those criticisms would still be valid. For these reasons and more, many have called Obama the worst president in history.

Hopefully at least this narrative that criticizing a black president is racist just because he is black is over with today and we won’t have to spend the next four years hearing people mindlessly claim no one can criticize President Trump because of his skin color.

Eight years of people being that blind is enough already.

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