Meanwhile, Rapper Azealia Banks Posted a Video of Cleaning the Closet She Ritualistically Sacrifices Chickens in on Instagram


Some people called it the grand finale of 2016.

Many people are aware that Hollywood and the music industry has a dark side. Lots of people in the biz have openly referred to selling there souls to the devil to be there. From time-to-time, stories have even leaked out of Eyes Wide Shut-esque rituals and worse taking place among the entertainment industry elite.

So while in some ways what you are about to see shouldn’t come as a surprise, it will. Oh it definitely will.

Enter Harlem rapper Azealia Banks (regularly featured on Vigilant Citizen’s site for all the Illuminati symbolism stuffed into her videos and photo shoots) who decided to post a video of herself on Instagram a couple weeks back cleaning out the closet where she apparently kept and ritualistically sacrificed chickens for the last three years.

Donned in safety goggles, she cheerfully informs her viewers, “The amount of crap that’s about to come off my floor right now, guys, oh my god. Three years’ worth of brujería. Yes, you know, I gotta scrape all this shit up.”

Brujería is Spanish for witchcraft.

After showing off her blood stained, chicken feather and poop covered closet, Banks stands in front of a blood be-speckled wall and declares, “Real witches do real things.”



Another famous singer, Sia, responded:

After Banks trended on Twitter (mostly for people asking WTF is wrong with her and whether or not she should have her blood checked for neurotoxins like lead), she claimed the reason she was murdering chickens in her closet for three years was to help out her dead father.


And somehow, considering what an utter dumpster fire of a year 2016 turned out to be, it isn’t all that surprising this right here was how it ended.

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