Drudge Goes Off on GOP: ‘No Discussion of Tax Cuts, Republican Party Should Be Sued for Fraud!’

In a series of pissed off Tweets, Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report took Republicans to task for failing to repeal Obamacare as has been promised for years now.

He sent out this:


“No Obamacare repeal, tax cuts! But Republicans vote to shut Warren?
Only know how to be opposition not lead! DANGER.”

And this:


“Republican party should be sued for fraud.
NO discussion of tax cuts now. Just lots of crazy. Back to basics, guys!”

And finally this:


“White House eyeing executive order targeting ‘conflict minerals’ rule…
Meanwhile, is Obamacare penalty tax still in place?”

Politicians not keeping their promises? Come on, how surprised can he really be?

While some people are sticking up for Trump on this one and saying we just have to wait 100 days before we can criticize, Drudge has a point here.

As WND reports:

On Oct. 25, 2016, in Sanford, Florida, Trump had pledged: “My first day in office, I am going to ask Congress to put a bill on my desk getting rid of this disastrous law and replacing it with reforms that expand choice, freedom, affordability.”

ThinkProgress reported that Trump kept only two of his 36 first-day promises.

But this isn’t even really about Trump. Inactivity obviously isn’t the man’s problem. The power of the executive branch is supposed to be limited.

The GOP however has been balking about Obamacare for long before Trump even announced he was going to run for president. We’ve heard about how much of a total disaster Obamacare is from Republicans on a loop for nearly every day of every month of every year since the bill was signed.

Now they finally have a chance to do something about the horrible bill they’ve been complaining about for years, as they knew they would once Obama’s second term was up, but instead they’re acting like they haven’t even had a chance to think about how they might repeal and replace the thing.

They’ve had seven years to figure it out. And here we are. They aren’t doing it.

As previously reported, the real reason the GOP is suddenly acting like they have no idea what the words “repeal” and “replace” even mean is because they don’t want to let go of the millions in revenue Obamacare rapes from taxpayers under its oh-so-lovely mandate.

At a White House press conference, Sean Spicer replied directly to Drudge’s criticisms:

“I think it’s hardly stalling. I think it’s a mammoth thing to repeal and replace. I think there’s no question of the president’s commitment to doing this. You’ve heard Speaker Ryan talk about how we should be able to have this wrapped up by the end of the year. It’s a big bill. It got jammed through, and it was very sweeping. We’re taking about one-fifth of our economy. We can either do it quickly, as the Democrats did and end up with a monstrosity, where premiums go up and access is limited, or we can do it right. I think the president, while he wants to get this done as soon as possible … he wants to do it right.”

Fair enough… but it isn’t like they couldn’t at the very least get rid of the soul crushing mandate part before taxes come due in April. We’ve already seen what they can enforce in short order when they want to, and the reality is, despite years of their Obamacare bitching, with that much money coming in off the mandate, they don’t actually want to.

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