Watch This Awesome Lady Try to Shoot down a Drone Hovering over Her Home


A woman from Washington state was recently caught on video trying to take down a drone that was hovering over her home. After several attempts to down the drone by throwing objects at it, she went inside and retrieved what appears to be a shotgun.

According to a local news report, the description of the video previously read “We were flying our drone around, noticed our neighbor out on the deck, and she started throwing things at the drone.” The publisher of the video has since changed it to “A woman got upset with a drone flying around, so she decided to try shooting it down,” perhaps in an attempt to make it seem like she was the bad guy, as if she was trying to shoot down a drone for no particular reason.

The idiots who filmed this are clearly the bad guys for trying to spy on this woman, and acting surprised when she tried to shoot down their drone. Although it’s illegal to shoot down any drone, you can’t help but root for this awesome lady. Perhaps that’s why the likes for this video are now outnumbered nearly 2-1 by dislikes.

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Contributed by Daniel Lang of The Daily Sheeple.

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