Yes, The Statue of Liberty Went Dark but No, It Wasn’t Because of Soros’ Women’s March… or Was It?


First, there was the highly organized “Day Without Immigrants” back in February. Today as you may know is International Women’s Day and this year in America it is also a “Day Without a Women,” where women everywhere are striking and others like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi are wearing the color red — a color of “revolutionary love and sacrifice” — in “economic solidarity” with working women everywhere (like a multi-millionaire who shows up to official speaking functions where people are pretty sure she’s drunk can possibly understand the working woman’s plight, but whatever).

“Nothing is more wholesome than the increased participation and leadership of America’s women: in our economy, in our society, in our democracy,” Pelosi wrote in a statement.

More like nothing is more “wholesome” than $246 million, the amount of money George Soros provided the “Day Without a Woman” protest organizers for today’s show.

Two school systems in the Maryland/Virginia area have already been forced to shut down over it, and the most highly publicized feature of the march will be when the women head down to Freedom Plaza where groups will be protesting what has come to be called the “global gag rule” — a Reagan-era rule Trump rebooted just after inauguration that forces foreign nonprofit abortion providers to forfeit U.S. government aid. (Has a lot to do with working women, yes?)

Well, last night as if right on cue the Statue of Liberty went… dark.

And immediately the women participating in the march jumped on it as a morale boost for the march and showing “solidarity” for their Soros-funded plight.

But later it came out the statue supposedly went dark because of some non-related emergency services work having to do with Hurricane Sandy and backup generators…?

Then again, Hurricane Sandy was what, five years ago now?

Pretty interesting timing for the largest female statue in America to to go out, don’t you think?

I mean, if the man could shell out $246 mil for a women’s march, how can you be sure Soros doesn’t have anyone in his back pocket over there at Ellis Island who can flip a few switches?

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