Scientists Now Claim to Have Discovered the Oldest Life Forms on Planet Earth


When it comes to things that happened a long, long time ago or in places far, far away, we’re pretty much left up to a question of trust. Do we trust what we’re being told about what’s really going on with the history of the planet?

Well, now scientists claim they have found fossils of what could be the oldest life forms ever to have lived on Earth.

Reporting their find in the journal Nature, researchers say the fossils of tiny microbes one-tenth the width of human hair found in layers of quartz in Quebec, Canada have been dated at 4.28 billion years old.

The tiny filaments contain large amounts of hematite. It’s basically an ancient form of rust.

“This discovery answers the biggest questions mankind has asked itself which are: where do we come from and why we are here? It is very humbling to have the oldest known lifeforms in your hands and being able to look at them and analyse them,” Matthew Dodd, who analysed the structures at University College London, told BBC News.

Dodd did not go on to expand upon exactly how the fossil find answered any actual questions about why we’re here.

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