Wild Winter Weather Totally Encased This House in Ice (Video and Photos)

house ice

Photo credit: John Kucko Digital/Facebook

Photographer and veteran TV reporter for News 8 Rochester John Kucko shot incredible photos of a lakefront house that is totally encrusted in ice.

The house sits on Lake Ontario, and became encased in ice after a windstorm, lake water, and freezing temperatures combined to coat the home. Kucko posted the photos on his Facebook page and Twitter on Sunday, and they quickly went viral.

Some questioned the authenticity of the photos, so Kucko shared a video and more photos of the frozen abode:

And the houses in Kucko’s photos aren’t the only things in the neighborhood that are enveloped in ice:

The houses won’t thaw out anytime soon, thanks to a huge winter storm that is on its way to the area…

Last week, Kucko shared these stunning photos on his Instagram account:

Upstate NY is no stranger to storms covering things in ice, as NYup.com reminds us…

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