What Is This? Secret Wikileaks Footage Claims to Show Mysterious Black Knight Satellite Being Shot Down


First, a little background… Here’s footage of what has come to be known as the Black Knight Satellite:

No one knows how the Black Knight Satellite got there, but a lot of people think its an alien UFO purposefully put into near-polar orbit of the planet for some unknown nefarious purpose, spying, control, etc.

More specifically, the legend is that it’s a 13,000-year-old alien satellite sent to this planet by an alien race to control humanity.

This bizarre object has been orbiting Earth since long before anyone supposedly had satellite launching capabilities. It was detected back in the 1940s, but some claim Nikola Tesla picked up a strange radio signal off of it back in 1899 that was picked up again in 1926 and so on. Skeptics claim Tesla was simply picking up pulsars but no one knew what a pulsar was at the time.

NASA officially claims it’s just space junk (again, that got there before anyone in modern times had the capabilities to launch satellites? Does that thing look natural to you?) See photo above and video above and you decide.

A more likely explanation might be military-industrial complex black projects cover up. It seems every time the topic of “aliens” comes up, it goes hand-in-hand with government secrets that need to be covered up.

The best way to keep advanced tech secret is to play the “aliens” card.

Now, new footage sent to Wikileaks on a secret server purports to show “something” being shot out of the sky in space, and many in the UFO conspiracy community believe it might be the Black Knight Satellite.

Ignoring the commentary posted on the video about Illuminati and aliens, just look at the video itself. What exactly are we seeing? Black weapons tests? Did they shoot a satellite out of the sky or what?

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