Video: Mysterious Half-Naked, Human-Like Figure Caught on Camera


A group of bikers in Banda Aceh, Indonesia was touring inside a local forest when they saw something that was so unexpected that it caused a minor accident.

One of the lead riders suddenly fell off his bike when a small human-like figure popped out of the woods carrying a wooden stick.

The mysterious figure appears to look like a human being but shorter in size, is nearly naked, and runs incredibly fast.

Some of the riders tried to catch up with the figure, but it disappeared into the tall grass.

The video has gone viral, and viewers are speculating over what the figure could be.

Some suspect the mysterious figure is a member of the Mante tribe, an ethnic group featured in one of Aceh’s urban legends about the origins of modern-day Aceh people. Members of that tribe are said to be smaller than the average man and flee when they see people from the outside world.

The only record of the tribe was in the 17th century, when it was claimed two Mante tribesmen were captured and presented to the Sultan. Most people think the story of the Mante people is a myth, but there may be more to their story, reports the Daily Mail:

In 2003, archaeologists found evidence of an ancient race of small ‘hobbit-like’ humans on the island of Flores, on the other side of the archipelago.

Homo floresiensis are believed to have been around 3-and-a-half feet tall and lived around 50,000 years ago.

Fossils of the ‘Flores hobbit’ showed that the early people had small brains and no chin.

While some scientists believe the species were completely separate from the modern human, others argue Homo floresiensis just had growth problems.

What do YOU think is going on here?

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