Chinese Authorities Are Adding Facial Recognition Cameras To Toilet Paper Dispensers

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It’s easy to understand why facial recognition technology is so dangerous. Any government with this technology could create an unparalleled surveillance grid capable of tracking every move their citizens make. At least when it comes to the surveillance of our electronic devices, we can leave our cell phones at home if we don’t want the government to know where we are. But if there were facial recognition cameras on every street corner, there would be no escape from the ever watchful eye of the government.

What you might overlook however, is how this technology could be used to regulate every minutia of our lives.  It’s not just a tool for catching criminals and rounding up dissidents. In China for instance, facial recognition is being used to regulate the bathroom habits of their citizens.

Chinese authorities are now adding facial recognition cameras to toilet paper dispensers in public restrooms. But they’re not doing it to surveil their citizens (as far as we know). Instead, the government is trying to prevent people from stealing or using too much toilet paper.

When someone enters the bathroom, the camera scans their face. When their business is finished, they stand in front of the dispenser for three seconds, and it spits out a two-foot sheet of paper. If it’s not enough paper, then all they can do is wait. The dispenser won’t issue any more paper to the same person for another nine minutes. By the way, that dispenser costs $750.

This is what happens when you fail to keep the government in line. They don’t stop with rounding up dissidents and stamping out freedoms. Authoritarians are obsessed with establishing maximum efficiency without any regard to what people actually want or need, so they can and they will use expensive high-tech gadgets on something as basic and ubiquitous as a toilet paper dispenser.

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