Did Sloths Build These Huge Ancient Tunnels? “Claw Marks Etched Into the Walls”

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Image: Christian Mehlführer, Creative Commons.

Here, we all assumed that humans were the prime builders on the planet.

But as well all know, ants and insects are known for their incredible hives and mounds; so too, are birds known for their often carefully-crafted nests.

But sloths?

Scientists now believe that a series of more than 1,500 tunnels discovered years ago, and large enough for people to walk through, were actually carved out by the sloths living in and around the rain forests. So much for their lazy reputation.

The tell-tale sign seems to be the claw marks etched over and over into the walls, presumably by a large number of their species working in concert.

But if so, for what purpose?

As Popular Mechanics readily admits, scientists have no idea whatsoever. This is amazing – and potentially multi-generational group behavior – and yet they can’t even fathom a reasonable guess as to their purpose:

The big open question is, Why? The tunnels appear to be much larger than any burrowing animal would need to get away from bad weather or hungry predators. As Frank tells Discover, “There’s no explanation – not predators, not climate, not humidity. I really don’t know.”

Discover Magazine takes the topics into more detail, if you want to try to figure out the mystery.

Until then, never look a sloth the same, unassuming way again.

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