Colorado Police Officer Caught Slamming Sorority Girl Face-First Into Pavement

police car

Shocking footage surfaced over the weekend, of a police officer in an altercation with a sorority girl in Colorado. The short Snapchat clip shows the woman, 22-year-old Michaella Surat, trying to move away from the officer, who responds by flipping her face-first into the pavement.

What led up to that incident has left a lot of people divided over whether or not that level of force was justified. In all fairness to the police officer, the nine second video lacks context.

The police arrived on the scene after they received a disturbance call regarding Surat’s boyfriend. Surat apparently “shoulder-checked” a police officer and a bouncer as the cops were trying to gather information. Despite her aggression, she was told that she was free to leave, but she refused. She later struck an officer before the camera caught her being body slammed. She was then arrested for third-degree assault and obstructing a peace officer. The Fort Collins police chief has said that his department plans to release body cam footage of the incident, following an investigation and criminal proceedings.

Though her charges sound justified, the way she was subdued seems excessive. By all appearances, Surat is a rather dainty woman. You’d think that a full-grown man would be able to subdue a possibly drunk sorority girl without throwing her whole body into the pavement.

What do you think?

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