US Just Dropped Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb They Have in Afghanistan for the First Time Ever — Test for North Korea?


The US just dropped a $15-million-dollar, 30-foot-long, 21,000 lb. Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) bomb for the first time ever on what the Pentagon claims is a system of ISIS tunnels and caves on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The MOAB has also been dubbed “the mother of all bombs” due to the fact that it is the largest non-nuclear bomb in America’s arsenal. The GPS-guided bomb is said to create a mist of ammonium nitrate and powdered aluminum which it then ignites in an explosion so big, it kills anything within several hundred meters, even knocking over tanks like tinker toys.

The bomb left a one-mile-wide blast zone in its wake. The Pentagon claims great care was taken to minimize civilian casualties, but we all know what that means by now.

Again, this is the first time this massive bomb has been used in combat ever. With warships positioning themselves around North Korea at this very moment, and now this, the North Korean government has begun evacuating 600,000 from Pyongyang and warning its citizens that there won’t be enough shelters for everyone.

Many people are speculating the MOAB drop in Afghanistan was just a real-world test for the upcoming strike against North Korea. Seems like the North Koreans know it, too.

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