Researchers Claim to Have Discovered a “Dark Matter Bridge” Between Galaxies

This is the first image of what researchers say is a “dark matter bridge”:


Using a technique called “weak gravitational lensing,” University of Waterloo researchers believe they have created a composite of a dark matter bridge, proving for the first time that such bridges do actually exist.

“These results show that the dark matter filament bridge is strongest between systems less than 40 million light years apart, and confirms predictions that galaxies across the Universe are tied together through a cosmic web of the elusive substance,” Wired reports.

Here’s another version:


Astronomers have long thought some sort of dark matter filament existed which connected galaxies across space together, but they had nothing to show for their theory.

Now they say these images are finally iron-clad proof they were right and that dark matter bridges on some sort of “super web” superstructure that connects time and space really does exist.

“We still don’t know what dark matter is, but the fact that scientists were able to predict these filaments, and then actually find them, shows that we’re making progress understanding it,” Universe Today noted.

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