Just Got Lost in the Scary Part of the Internet: “The All Seeing Trump” Is Giving Me Daymares


You know it happens from time to time… you get lost on YouTube or social media and end up clicking on something that lands you squarely in the scurry part of the Internets.

This is what happened to me today when I found myself randomly on the “All Seeing Trump” channel on YouTube.

Some of you will instantly be drawn back to memories of watching the 1980s Tom Hanks movie Big, where a little kid makes a wish on a fortune telling Zoltar machine at a fair and asks to be a grown up and it works (the resultant adult is then played by Tom Hanks).

Well, someone took that idea and ran with it, only what we end up with is a demonic, red-eyed, evil version of our 45th president talking about things like how our rights will be raped by the NSA and inciting nuclear war.

Yeah, like I said… daymares.

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