This One Picture Illustrates How Brainwashed College Students Are Destroying Their Own Free Speech


Look beyond the politics of Ann Coulter and whatever her now shut down speech was even going to be about and check out this picture captured at a recent massive student protest against her coming to speak at UC Berkley.

For context, first look at the picture on the left, then compare it to the picture on the right.

Notice anything?

On the same campuses where students once marched for the First Amendment just a few decades ago, now they are literally burning it. While burning a sign that says free speech is technically free speech, in true Orwellian fashion it’s also the opposite of free speech.

Why? Because these students actually don’t want people to have free speech anymore, especially if they disagree with that speech or the person (ex: “heterosexual white males with ‘privilege’”) speaking it.

Now student “activism” is about demanding censorship, not freedom from it. Instead they want tyrannical administrative safe spaces from so-called “microaggressions”. The only freedom they want is from being challenged.

Indeed, it is as if college students these days are being programmed like little robots with trigger words, socially engineered to destroy their own rights.

For more on that, watch this short two-part “We the Internet” documentary sadly spelling out — painful clip after painful clip — exactly how modern universities are engineering America’s “future leaders” to destroy Freedom of Speech.

Part I: Silence U: Is the University Killing Free Speech and Open Debate?

Part II: What do you really know about the place that produces the people that run our country?

In the second one, focused primarily on ivy league Skull and Bones alma mater Yale, students actually say things like:

“It is not about creating an intellectual space!!!”
~ Anonymous Yale Undergrad


“The reason no one will talk to you is that there is no professional benefit to saying controversial or interesting things.”
~ Anonymous Yale Undergrad

Let that sink in for a moment…

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