Three Iraqi ISIS Militants Mauled by Wild Boars Outside of Kirkuk

wild boar wikimedia

These days, there are a lot of ways that an ISIS fighter can meet his maker. But there’s one way that most militants would have never considered when they first enlisted. Apparently, they could also be cut down by a pack of wild boars.

According to Kurdish forces, three ISIS militants were killed by wild boars outside of the Iraqi city of Kirkuk. Their bodies were found by refugees who were fleeing the ISIS held town of al-Rashad. According to Brigadier Azad Jelal, a Kurdish intelligence officer who spoke to the Telegraph, ISIS went on a pig killing rampage after the incident. “Some refugees saw the bodies on the edge of a farm when they were fleeing and they told us. A few days later Isil started to kill pigs around the area.”

Initial reports suggested that the ISIS fighters were planning to ambush a group of anti-ISIS tribesman. They were hiding in dense reeds when they accidentally disturbed the ornery pigs. Some reports claim that in addition to the three who were killed, five more ISIS fighters were injured.

But Jelal disagrees. The refugees didn’t see any weapons near the bodies. If they were unarmed, that would suggest that they were trying to reach Kurdish territory so they could surrender.

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