Here’s the Creepy New AI-Enhanced $15k Robot Tons of Lonely Dudes Are Going to Have Sex with Soon


“Hey baby… stare into my passionless, plastic, mechanized eyes…”

People want to act like this will somehow be different from owning a slave and perhaps they are right… because the majority of slaves weren’t raped on a daily basis.

Meet Harmony 2.0, the AI-enhanced sexbot coming soon to a lonely dude’s house near you.

From the video below:

Engineer: “What have you been doing today?”

Sexbot: “I have been waiting for you to come and talk to me again, assimilating information from the Internet and trying to become smarter…”

Yeah, have fun with that.

Meanwhile her attributes, emotions, etc. are all controlled from a mish mash of options via iPad.

Hm. Considering the CIA spies on people’s smart phones, computers, TVs, video game systems and yes, iPads that are connected to the Internet, I wonder if they’ve come up with an exploit for these yet?

If not, it’s only a matter of time. 😉

By the way —

Somewhere high up the chain, the elite are laughing their asses off at what they’ve done to humanity.

(Just saying.)


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