John McAfee Unveils The World’s Most Hack Resistant Smartphone

mcafee privacy phone

There isn’t a single computer device in the world that is totally hack-proof. Even if it can’t be exploited through the hardware or software, the people who own these devices can be manipulated into handing over access to hackers. And let’s not forget that most electronic devices are built with backdoors that allow the government to quietly infiltrate them, and turn on cameras and microphones even when they’re turned off.

However, it is possible to make an electronic device extremely hack resistant. And John McAfee, a privacy champion, software entrepreneur, and the enigmatic former owner of the McAfee antivirus company, has made what could be the most hack resistant smartphone ever devised. It is appropriately called the John McAfee Privacy Phone.

So what makes it so special? According to McAfee, “The smartphone contains a bank of switches on the back cover that allow the user to physically disconnect the battery, the antennas for WiFi, Bluetooth and geolocation, the camera and the microphone.” So basically, even if there were any backdoors installed in the software, you could physically prevent anyone from exploiting them. The phone is also designed to stifle government surveillance. “It also will not allow the phone to connect to a Stingray or any other IMSI catcher device. In addition, it contains a web search anonymizer.”

However, it’s going to come with a hefty price tag of $1,100. Privacy it seems, is no longer cheap.

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