United Airlines Goofs Up Again and the People of Twitter Respond in Grand Fashion


On April 5, Carter Wilkinson directed a Tweet at fast food chain Wendy’s.

The Tweet went viral under the hashtag #NuggsForCarter.

This week, the 16-year-old broke the record for the most re-Tweeted Tweet, and even though he is far from the 18 million Wendy’s told him he would need, the chain awarded him with free chicken nuggets for a year.

As of the time of this writing, Carter’s Tweet has been re-Tweeted 3.6 million times.

Wendy’s also said it would donate $100,000 in his name to the Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption.

Talk about a win-win-win situation: Carter gets his free nuggets, Wendy’s gets a ton of positive publicity, and a charity gets a big chunk of cash.

Back on April 7, United Airlines tried to get some of that free publicity for itself…

That Tweet was sent out over a month ago – just two days before the now infamous Dragging and Dropping of Dr. David Dao incident.

Some people commented back then…

Not one to know when to sit down and shut up, United sent out another Tweet yesterday, and mentioned Carter in it…and the people of Twitter did not respond too kindly…

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