Why Comey’s Neighbor Baked Him Cookies After He Was Fired By Trump


By now, it’s common knowledge that former FBI director, James Comey, was fired by Donald Trump. President Trump fired Comey earlier this week in a signed letter calling for “a new beginning” at the FBI. But what we all missed, was that Comey’s 9-year-old neighbor baked him cookies after he lost his job, for no other reason than to share kindness and be empathetic.

The little girl who baked Comey the delicious cookies is named Abby Grace and her reasons for making the chocolate chip cookies is restoring some faith in humanity. Shoving politics aside, Comey’s young neighbor, Abby noticed reporters gathering around the property of the recently fired FBI director. Soon after, Abby, in a parochial school uniform, walked calmly up to a 6’10 agent at Comey’s home, shook his hand, and delivered the fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies to help Comey’s week improve.

A reporter for NPR shared a text she received from the little girl’s mother about her daughter’s decision to bake cookies for a man she knew only as her neighbor. “FBI Director Comey lives in our neighborhood, and, as you would imagine – there were a lot of reporters at the foot of his driveway today. Abby thought that was quite inhospitable,” the text said. In a later text, Abby’s mother guessed what might have motivated Abby Grace to pay Comey a visit with fresh cookies and a homemade card.

“We’ve spent a lot of time talking about how kindness and empathy are the most important ways for us to engage [with] people regardless of if we agree with or understand their positions. In [Director] Comey’s case, Abby said ‘I wanted him to know we respect him for his career of service.’”

Just to be clear, that 6-foot-10-inch agent was not the 6-foot-8-inch Comey himself. But according to Abby Grace’s mom, Comey really appreciated getting the cookies and the red heart-shaped card. According to a report of the interaction by Food and Wine, the little girl’s handwritten and homemade card said, “We are proud to be your neighbor and thank you for all you have done for America. Love: Abby Grace.”

Abby Grace shows the homemade, heart-shaped card she made for fired FBI director, James Comey.

Abby Grace shows the homemade, heart-shaped card she made for fired FBI director, James Comey.

President Trump’s controversial firing of former FBI Director James Comey this past week ignited a furious national debate—and a political storm that only seems to increase in intensity with each passing day. But forget, for just a moment, all the awful aftermath. Forget the mud-slinging on Twitter, the bickering…even the calls for impeachment. Because if you really think about it, there’s only ever been one thing that could possibly remedy a situation of this magnitude, anyway. And that’s a large batch of freshly-baked cookies. – Food and Wine

Abby thought that the reporters were making life stressful for Comey, and as a good neighbor and better human being, she only wanted to help. The political views of Abby’s family are not known and played no role in her decision to bake to cookies for James Comey. Abby simply baked a man cookies when she saw he was going through a difficult time and had reporters and photographers attempting to get the scoop and not giving him any privacy at his own home. Comey’s rough week at least had a high point, as an innocent child shows us how we should all act when it comes to kindness and treatment of others.

Compassion is rare, especially when politics get involved, yet the actions of Abby will have a positive ripple effect that should be read about and shared. Special thanks to Abby for injecting kindness back into our world.

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