Declassified C.I.A. Document Reveals How a Remote Viewer Identified Advanced Life on Mars, Pyramids, in 1 Million B.C.

Mars pyramid

On May 22, 1984, a “sealed envelope coupled with geographic coordinates” was personally handed to a ‘remote viewer’ immediately prior to an interview session conducted by a C.I.A. monitor, a declassified C.I.A. document reveals.

In the envelope was a 3 x 5 card containing the following information:

  • The Planet Mars
  • The time of interest approximately 1 million B.C.

Select geographical coordinates were given to the viewer which were:

  • 40.89 degrees north
  • 9.55 degrees west

Within ten minutes the remote viewer saw a ‘very high yellowish-colored pyramid sitting in a large depressed area.’

Once the remote viewer went to the appropriate time period of 1 million B.C., the R.V. claimed to see “severe clouds” or a “dust storm” which the R.V. explained as a “geological problem.”

At that point, the monitor told the remote viewer to go back in time before the problem where the R.V. claimed to see megalithic surfaces with very smooth walls and identified shadows of ‘very tall thin people.’

The R.V. was then given more coordinates in which he identified other structures and what the R.V. said was a ‘dying race of people’ who may have took shelter from a storm in massive structures before relocating to another lush world.

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