Space Entrepreneur Believes That Aliens Are Among Us


A leading space entrepreneur, Robert Bigelow, thinks aliens are actually already here. Bigelow, an important figure in the rapidly growing private space industry, has come out recently with some rather controversial views about alien life.

Robert Bigelow is currently building living quarters for other worlds. He earned the term “space entrepreneur” for inventing prefabricated inflatables can be easily folded into the payload section of a rocket and later puffed up for use by astronauts in orbit. There are essentially high-tech habitats for the space age.

But what’s even more fascinating, is Bigelow’s insistence on the existence of alien life on earth. In an interview with CBS News, Bigelow, 72, said he believed that aliens had come to Earth, and are continuing to do so. Around 10,000 sightings of UFOs are reported in the U.S. each year, and some of these witnesses are pilots and astronauts, and not easily discredited.

“I’m absolutely convinced [in aliens],” he said. “That’s all there is to it.” He also said he thinks there is an “existing ET presence” on Earth. He added, “It’s [intelligent life] just like right under people’s noses,” he said. “Oh my gosh. Wow.”


Billionaire and space entrepreneur, Robert Bigelow, 72

Life on other planets is not really an “off-limits” topic, as most feel like the vastness of the universe provides at least some type of other living beings. There are billions of planets in our galaxy alone, so there might well be something out there; intelligent or otherwise. But an extraterrestrial presence on earth could be considered a bit more controversial. Yet Bigelow still said that he doesn’t “give a damn” about revealing his views on this topic in public.

While the founder of Bigelow Aerospace is betting that humans will eventually take leave of Earth, he also seems convinced that aliens have a presence on earth. During a recent television interview, he said that an alien craft apparently came right up to the windshield of his grandparents’ car.

Bigelow is not the first high-profile space figure to believe aliens are visiting Earth. The late Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, for example, also had some fascinating views on the matter. Bigelow may be one of the more influential persons to come out so boldly, though. In the same interview, he talked about how private industry is becoming dominant in space, something that his company is very much involved in.

In April 2016, the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) was attached to the ISS (International Space Station). It expanded to five times its volume when it was pumped full of air in May, and astronauts are now monitoring how it is handling its time in space. It’s groundbreaking technology that no one has really perfected before.

Bigelow has been harshly criticized for his opinions about alien life. But, in the meantime, he’s actually doing something that’s moving our society forward. His company has a partnership with the United Launch Alliance (ULA) and they are looking into building a space hotel in Earth’s orbit as early as 2020. Called the B330, it would allow for additional research to take place in orbit. Several modules could be joined together to create a larger habitat, which could be visited by commercial spacecraft currently in production, such as SpaceX’s Crew Dragon or Boeing’s Starliner.

Bigelow obviously has no evidence to back up his claims, yet he’s certain he’s correct. Science has been evolving with new discoveries surfacing all the time. Who knows if Bigelow is correct or not and it would be a little close minded to simply write him off as a quack. I’m willing to be those 10,000 Americans who encountered unexplained UFOs last year would agree with him.

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