More Proof of Media Bias: NBC Reporter Accuses Sessions Instead of Lynch, Deletes Tweet Instead of Correcting It

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It is “Comey Day” and the mainstream media can’t get enough of it.

And oh, how their bias is showing.

Exhibit 1:

That is a BIG OOPS. What Bill Neely meant to say was “Ex FBI Chief Comey says former US Attorney Gen. LORETTA LYNCH instructed him to call CLINTON EMAIL INVESTIGATION a “matter”, not an investigation.”

Instead of correcting the Tweet, Neely deleted it. No explanation. No correction. No retraction.

People on Twitter noticed Neely’s original Tweet and that he deleted it, and called him out:

Jonathan Weisman did Tweet about Lynch after deleting his Tweet about Sessions – but did not mention his “error”..

Then this happened…

These “errors” *cough* demonstrate the importance of fact-checking and getting things right the first time, but…some Twitter users pointed out that the damage is already done…

NewsBusters caught it and took the screenshot above, and pointed out that another NBC reporter  – Andrea Mitchell – DID Tweet about what Comey actually said regarding Lynch:

Here is what Comey actually said:

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