North Korea Is One Step Away From A Nuke That Could Strike The US


North Korean tyrant, Kim Jong-Un has been preparing for this for a long time.  The dictator is now alleging to be only one step away from obtaining a nuclear weapon with the ability to strike the United States, and a foreign policy expert is backing up that claim.

Kim Jong-un has been steadily building towards an ICBM (intercontinental nuclear ballistic missile) and has conducted several missile tests in the past months in his race towards obtaining one. His most recent one landed in the sea of Japan just a few miles away from the mainland itself.

Jeffrey Lewis, a top expert on North Korean missiles, said Kim Jong-un is one key component away from having a fully-functioning nuclear weapons arsenal. But, according to Dr. Lewis, building a nuclear warhead and a re-entry vehicle durable enough to withstand the extreme heat during a missile’s re-entry into the atmosphere is proving difficult. That’s hardly comforting, though, when tensions with the little tyrant are already sky-high. “North Korea almost certainly has a compact fission warhead capable of fitting on a future ICBM,” Dr. Lewis told Foreign Affairs magazine.

The North Korean nuclear program is advancing at rocket speed with the despot confident of creating a nuke capable of hitting the US mainland. This becomes even more disturbing when considering President Donald Trump insists on antagonizing the leader of North Korea.

According to Dr. Lewis, “The major question now is not whether the warhead is small enough to mount on an ICBM but whether it is rugged enough to survive the shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures that a nuclear warhead would experience on an intercontinental trajectory, in which it would be shot into space and then re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere.”  Dr. Lewis also warns that North Korea’s weaponry should not be underestimated.  “The warhead fitted to the Hwasong-12 experienced heat loads similar to those of an ICBM (although for a shorter period of time) and survived,” he added. “Separately, North Korea has published images of an apparently successful ground test of a re-entry vehicle last year.”

Kim Jong-Un continues to make good on his promise of weekly missile tests, throwing a proverbial middle finger in Donald Trump’s face. Even in the face of tightened United Nations sanctions, the chubby tyrant continues to work toward nuclear war with the United States.

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