Propagandist Defends CNN After Admitting They Push Fake News For Profit


Yesterday, Project Veritas released a video of CNN’s supervising producer, John Bonifield telling undercover activists that CNN pushes fake news for money and ratings. Now, Joe Scarborough, MSNBC’s host of “Morning Joe,” is coming to CNN’s defense. But we have evidence that Joe and his colleagues are nothing more than propagandists themselves.

Even after Bonifield admitted on video that CNN has no journalistic integrity, saying those pesky rules learned about in school are “adorable,” MSNBC is sticking their neck out. This is what happens when one propagandist supports another in their brainwashing of the American public for profits.

And he doubled down on his propaganda support in a tweet one minute later.

Oh, the irony, considering this particular anchor has “telling the truth is a revolutionary act,” in his description on Twitter.

This is incredibly ironic because MSNBC accidentally said that it’s their job to tell people that to think back in February; a conversation Joe was a part of. Anyone assuming MSNBC is somehow better than CNN didn’t see this little spark of truth. The Daily Sheeple made sure to bring attention to this video yesterday. The anchors actually told their viewers that it’s their job to control what the public thinks.

Although Joe himself didn’t say this, the comment failed to raise any eyebrows from any of the co-panelists. Instead, co-host, Joe Scarborough, said that Trump’s media antagonism puts him on par with Mussolini and Lenin. But they conveniently skip over the fact that Mika Brzezinski admitted it’s their job to brainwash Americans.

But not everyone let Joe off the hook:

Joe Scarborough makes $6 million a year and has a net worth of $18 million. People are slowly waking up to the brainwashing going on in the media. It’s astoundingly hypocritical for leftists, especially considering they now have actual evidence that their brainwashing is done for profit. We can only hope Project Veritas will toss MSNBC and all admitted propagandists under the proverbial bus as well.

Another small bit of irony was largely missed yesterday amid the controversy of the undercover video. Project Vertitas’ campaign for telling the truth about the mainstream media is called “American Pravda.” Pravda is the Russian word for “truth.”

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