Socialist Bernie Sanders Celebrates Independence With Government Dependence


It isn’t a secret that Bernie Sanders is a socialist.  Although his attempts to woo government worshippers fell on deaf ears after Hillary Clinton’s team stole the Democrat nomination from him, he’s making sure he doesn’t give up.

Doubling down on his ignorant political rhetoric, Sanders (an “independent” from Vermont) is observing Independence Day by celebrating government dependence. Someone should tell Sanders that his policies are doomed to fail.  A quick glance at Illinois’ situation should be evidence enough, but socialists don’t like facts or evidence – they get in the way of their statist religious beliefs.

We all know socialists never come into the light on their own, and the way in which Sanders is celebrating “Independence” is evidence that he’s actually more of a communist than previously thought. The geriatric man should have had his presidency chances permanently destroyed when he called for a 90% tax, but socialists don’t think in logical terms, only emotional outbursts.

Sanders a democratic socialist who has three houses and was endorsed by the president of oil-rich Venezuela, where the government (which is also ironically a “democratic socialist” nation) is opening fire on rioters protesting food shortages thanks to socialism.  Sanders and his supporters are authoritarian messes, and his tweet about freedom of choice is proving it.

Celebrate your freedom of choice by being forced to buy into government mandated health care after being stolen from to pay for it.  Because taxes and theft and government dependence are somehow now associated with freedom.  It’s almost as if leftists don’t own dictionaries anymore.  But it looks like at least some of our fellow citizens “get it.”

Touché.  Venezuela elected a democratic socialist and they are starving in the streets while their freedom is nonexistent.  But good thing they have universal healthcare in dirty government run hospitals to save the suffering civilians the socialist government is executing with the very economy that Sanders supports.

As nations inch toward socialism, poverty becomes the rule, not the exception.  Sanders is hardly a champion for the poor.  He preaches to them and tells them nice stories from the ivory tower of his third mansion while collecting his government paycheck which was given to him off the backs of the very people he claims to support.  Hypocrisy isn’t a strong enough word for Sanders or his brainwashed supporters.

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Contributed by Dawn Luger of The Daily Sheeple.

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