Julian Assange Fires Back After Receiving Death Threats From MSM


The tolerant left-leaning media is at it again, using death threats as a means to hopefully silence Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange. But Assange isn’t taking it laying down, and he’s now firing back at those who are calling for his execution.

Julian Assange has taken to Twitter to expose the aggression of liberal media commentators who have unceremoniously called for him to be executed in retaliation for WikiLeaks releases. Lately, Assange has been releasing information about the CIA and their warrantless spying on and control of the American public.

Using the hashtag #tolerantliberal, the WikiLeaks founder has been retweeting articles and posts from senior writers at organizations such as Politico and Mediaite who have made the case that he should be made the target of an extrajudicial killing. Below is one of the most horrific examples of media bias and their willingness to protect the government at all costs.

The Washington Times has officially lost all credibility for asking for a man who shares the truth to be killed. Isn’t journalism supposed to be about the truth rather than the protection of the very entity who is systematically stripping away our rights and freedom with nothing more than ink on paper? But statists who worship at the alter of government don’t like it when their idols masks are removed, and they are shown for what they truly are.

And check out this “master of geography” and his bold tweet. Peru, huh? Seems like this guy could never assassinate Assange even if he tried, considering the Wikileaks founder is in London

Assange has a simple message, and the message is the truth. He isn’t forcing these “tolerant liberals” to read the leaks that no one has denied are the truth. But leftists feel actual physical pain at the thought of people desiring freedom from oppression and speaking out against the wrongs committed by the government they worship and death threats are how they choose to attempt to silence that truth.

But Assange is not taking it lying down.

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Contributed by Dawn Luger of The Daily Sheeple.

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