Hillary Clinton Is Not Going Away Anytime Soon


Still ingrained in the minds of Americans is Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump last year in the presidential election and the subsequent meltdown of liberals everywhere. Those who expected the embattled Democrat to just fade into obscurity are sorely mistaken, though, as Hillary is not going away anytime soon.

The loser in last year’s presidential elections is now looking for a major role in the midterm elections in 2018. Even though she’s at the forefront of many scandals, Hillary has already founded a PAC to aid congressional Democratic candidates in 2018. She is also “studying up” on the House districts she won in the 2016 presidential election against President Trump, The Hill reported. This studying is supposed to help increase the chancesDemocratsrats retaking the House. Of the Republican districts, 23 voted for Clinton over Donald Trump in 2016.  Democrats say that they are focused on California as a means to gain the majority in 2018.

Democrat strategists are placing their faith in Hillary again, even though she had to steal the nomination from socialist Bernie Sanders to even begin her white house run, and she still couldn’t beat the most-hated Republican candidate ever nominated. “Everything will change if we win in 2018,” she said at the Code Conference in May. “We have to flip 24 seats. I won 23 districts that have a Republican Congress member, seven of them are in California.”


Republicans, however, are for the most part, overly happy to see Hillary continue to campaign for democrats. The multiple time loser is believed to be old news to voters, according to right-leaning strategists, and they feel that Hillary will continue to sour the Democratic party, giving the GOP more victories.

“For 30 years, Hillary Clinton has essentially been Old Faithful for Republican candidates,” said Doug Heye, a Republican strategist.” Her continued prominence only helps GOP candidates with an electorate that historically is more favorable than what they faced in the last presidential election. “The more Clinton weighs in and tries to tell voters ‘I’m baaaack,’ the more Republicans will tell her to keep on trucking,” Heye continued.

But Hillary Clinton isn’t the only democrat who refuses to take a seat on the sidelines. Former president, Barack Obama, may actually still think he’s the president. He’s been holding secret meetings with everyone from Warren Buffet to tech moguls in Silicon Valley. But maybe this is just more evidence of the shadow government or “deep state” that no one seems to want to admit is in existence.

Nonetheless, Hillary and Obama aren’t going to be stepping away from the spotlight anytime soon. With trust in the media faltering, the voters will be bleating for their masters to continue to tell them how to live and how much of their money the rich people in the government should be allowed to steal.

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