Assange: “I Urged Trump Jr. To Publish Russia Emails Via Wikileaks”

Julian Assange

Julian Assange, a man who isn’t known for his silence on government corruption, says he urged Donald Trump Jr. to publish the now public Russia emails on Wikileaks, the whistleblowing site.

Donald Trump Jr.’s emails are causing quite the stir among the propagandists in the media, but Assange hinted that he may have been able to help prevent it. The Wikileaks founder said on Twitter that he suggested Trump Jr. use the whistleblowing site, but instead, the president’s son released his emails on his own igniting a media firestorm. No one in the media really wanted to touch the issue of Hillary’s corruption, which was blatant to anyone who read even a few of the leaked Podesta emails, but the media is all too quick to look for a “smoking gun” among Trump Jr.’s voluntarily released emails. 

The smoking gun, according to the attorneys, is the wording throughout the emails that Trump Jr. exchanges with a broker for one of his father’s former Russian business partners. At one point, Trump Jr. responds “love it” at the prospect of material that would “incriminate” Clinton. In addition, the source of the material says the offer of the material is “part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.”

“Extremely damaging,” said former Justice Department prosecutor Peter Zeidenberg. “Certainly shows an intent to collude with Russian government.” –Politico

Side Note: Now that we are moving onto the “collusion” with the Russians, can we finally turn the page on the insane and false Russian hacking lie and admit it was all fake from the get go?

Julian Assange wanted Trump Jr. to release the emails on Wikileaks to prevent the overreaction from the media he knew would come.

When he was asked by another Twitter user to explain why, Assange reasoned: “I argued that his enemies have it – so why not the public? His enemies will just milk isolated phrases for weeks or months … with their own context, spin and according to their own strategic timetable. Better to be transparent and have the full context … but would have been safer for us to publish it anonymously sourced. By publishing it himself it is easier to submit as evidence.

It was not clear whether Assange’s use of the word “enemies” was the reference to the media or political rivals but Assange did say that it will be easier for those enemies to use this against Trump Jr. And they already are. Assange is correct; the media and leftists will “milk isolated phrases for week or months” even though there isn’t anything that’s all that shocking in his emails. He was the son of a presidential candidate at the time. Of course, he was going to respond to an email about damning information on the rival.  Expect Chelsea Clinton to have done the same thing had she been contacted by a foreign lawyer claiming to have information on Donald Trump. That’s politics, people. Maybe if we can all stop worshiping the government of our particular tyrannical flavor for just a few moments, we can realize it’s us against the government. It has never been right against left, but that’s what those in power (aka, the government) need us to believe.


All emails from political pundits that get released should be scrutinized, but that includes the emails leaked from creepy John Podesta and the Hillary camp. Media bias is making journalists completely untrustworthy on this entire issue and until they show that their goal is to report, and not brainwash, many will turn in disgust.

The younger Trump should have known the media would turn this on him so fast he’d get dizzy. It’s what they do. It’s become obvious now. And, in all retrospect, what was discovered in Trump’s emails, was that he simply wanted information on taking out Hillary’s campaign. Kind of like what Hillary did to Sanders and we all know her team looked for information to take out Trump. This is politics. Plain and simple. If the people wanted any actual accountability, they’d stop worshiping the most corrupt human beings on earth – the same humans who are oppressing them, stealing from them, and using propaganda on them to tell them who they should hate.

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