Cops Punch Man During Arrest For ‘Rolling Through’ Stop Sign


A video has now gone viral and it clearly shows everything that’s wrong with the ever-expanding police state in the United States. The incident, involving 25-year-old Richard Hubbard III, unfolded Saturday morning in the Cleveland suburb of Euclid, Ohio, in what was meant to be a routine traffic stop, the Washington Post reports. But once again, police brutality is taking the stage. Instead of a simple traffic stop, the cop decided violently punching and arresting Hubbard, who is black, was a better option.

The Euclid Police Department released footage of the Saturday arrest on Sunday afternoon after a witness video racked up thousands of views on Facebook. That footage only shows the beating, and not what happened before cops decided to assault the man. But luckily, we know what happened, as we have the dashcam video too now.

Hubbard had “rolled through” an intersection in his vehicle, according to police. Once a quick search of the vehicle’s plates was done, it showed that the owner of the car had a suspended license. And, so, the cops pulled him over.

Facebook user Lashaunda Malone captured footage of the incident, which originally went viral with almost 6 million views.

In the dashcam footage, a police officer asks the driver to “face away” from him twice before kicking and taking the man to the ground. Two officers can be seen struggling to subdue the suspect while a woman appears to plead with the suspect. One officer begins punching the man and hitting his head against the pavement. With Hubbard on the ground and an officer straddling him and viciously punching him with both hands,  Hubbard’s female companion screams.

“Mommy, what are the police doing?” a child can be heard asking in the background of the video.

“Oh my God, he’s punching him,” the woman can be heard saying.

“He don’t got no gun on him,” the woman screams in the video. “Stop hitting him!”

But take a look at what started the melee. Hubbard stands still and complies with cops when he’s suddenly attacked.

*This video is graphic and violent in nature. It shows a police officer repeatedly kicking and punching a man. It may not be suitable for all viewers. It also contains cursing and is not suitable for those at work.

Not long after the cop asked Hubbard to step out of the vehicle, he begins assaulting the defenseless civilian. Hubbard is lucky he escaped with his life, but he was punched repeatedly.

Although police say Hubbard was “resisting arrest” (meaning he committed no crime and his only crime was not submitting to his own kidnapping), the video appears to show him lying on the ground attempting to defend himself from the officer’s repeated blows, not “resisting.”

Things start to get even tenser when the officer claims that he sees Hubbard “reaching down.” Hubbard insists he doesn’t have a gun, screaming, “Record this shit! Record it!”

Officers then cuff Hubbard’s hands behind his back as an outraged crowd looks on. Hubbard’s companion, the female passenger in the vehicle, is also arrested, which raises even more questions for the police. “What am I under arrest for?” she can be heard asking.

According to the Washington Post, police have not identified the officer responsible for beating Hubbard but said that he was placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.

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