One Man Is Hoping His ‘Aliens’ Stick Around After The Solar Eclipse


Rabun County in Georgia is an ideal spot to glimpse Monday’s total solar eclipse. Tens of thousands of people are expected to get in their cars over the weekend with their new solar glasses in hand to watch the total solar eclipse in Rabun County.

On the way, they will come across Goats on the Roof, and owner Russ Phillips says he’ll be offering “homemade fudge, homemade baked goods, a great menu, and a novelty store.” But he didn’t say that he literally has goats on his roof. And he is hoping his alien goats stick around long after the eclipse is over and the people leave the county to go back home.

Because Phillips believes his goats are aliens. “Our goats are odd,” he said. “They’re alien goats because we can’t figure how they got on the roof. They can walk from the fenced in area to the roof. They’ve got the bridge; they can walk over to that roof over on the building – they roam freely.” The goats showed up on the roof in 2007 and have been hanging out there ever since.


Local media reported that the Global Office of Astronomical Technology (GOAT) supposedly predicts these four-legged aliens are waiting for a total solar eclipse. That’s when, according to folklore, their mother ship will swoop down to carry them home. Phillips said the ship is predicted to come during a solar eclipse in 3014.

*We could not verify The Global Office of Astronomical Technology’s (GOAT) existence and there is no website.

Either way, there will be a total solar eclipse this year, and Phillips intends to keep a very close eye on his goats, in case the math is wrong. “But we are having a total solar eclipse this year,” he said. “So we are a little worried if they’re going to be going home or not. I’ve heard that animals do act strange during eclipses,” Phillips said.

“We are hoping that this is just a fool – that they’re going to be fooled,” he said. “That they’re going to stay here and if that legendary ship comes in to pick them up that they’re going to realize this isn’t the eclipse that they’re waiting on – that the ship is going to pass over. We hope. So we will keep our eyes on the goats and make sure they don’t do anything crazy,” he added.

Phillips is resting his hopes in the goats’ understanding that they have a pretty good life on his roof and they won’t want to return to the mother ship when it comes for them.

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