ESPN Removes Announcer From Game For Having A “Confederate” Name


Falling prey to political correctness, ESPN has embarrassed themselves in a way never thought possible. Thinking they were doing right by the PC police, they removed an announcer from a game for having the name Robert Lee.

*Trigger warning: An Asian man has the last name Lee*

If you think this is a joke, think again. ESPN has outdone themselves with this one. On Tuesday night, the network confirmed that its management moved an Asian-American announcer, Robert Lee, off of the University of Virginia’s home opener football game “simply because of the coincidence of his name.”

Robert E. Lee was a legendary Confederate general during the United States’ civil war. Coincidentally, Lee is also a rather common Asian surname and ESPN is rightly under fire for their actions.

Earlier Tuesday, a source had told CNN that Lee was abruptly switched to the Youngstown versus Pitt game. He had recently been promoted by ESPN, so the switch was a sensitive matter.

By now you’ve seen the news and shaken your damn head over the idiocy: ESPN switched broadcaster Robert Lee (this guy) off of calling the University of Virginia’s home opener, because the violent white supremacy rally in Charlottesville earlier this month was spurred by threats to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee (this guy). –Deadspin

ESPN even announced their decision gloriously and righteously on Twitter.

But not everyone was pleased with ESPN’s holier-than-thou decision to let political correctness infiltrate every aspect of their business.

Just when you think Americans can’t get more offended or more sensitive, they go and blow your mind. Hurt feelings over mundane things flow like Niagara Falls. Of course, this isn’t the first time there have been sensitivities in the realm of sports. We all surely remember when Colin Kaepernick the massively offended those on the right when he kneeled during the national anthem to protest police brutality against blacks.

Now, the Asian surname Lee is also offensive. You can’t make this up. Humanity is regressing even quicker than previously thought.

Best of luck Robert Lee.

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