Petition: Remove Confederate Statues And Replace With ‘Real Hero’


Americans never cease to amaze when they fall for the politicians’ “divide and conquer” scheme. Every time you think you’ve seen it all in the way of petitions, another one surfaces that makes us take pause and mourn humanity’s regression. And this one is no different.

Over 3300 people have signed a petition to remove the Confederate monuments in Louisiana. Based on media propaganda and the insistence upon the racial and political division in the nation, this isn’t a big surprise. But what is kind of strange, is that the signers of this petition want Britney Spears statues to be erected in place of the offensive Confederate monuments.

The petition was started by KassieThibodeaux and is titled “Replace Confederate statues in New Orleans with statues of Louisiana hero Britney Spears.” The petition is needing around 1600 signatures in order to have it sent to the governor of Louisiana. And it states that Spears is the real hero Louisiana needs.


Britney Spears in 2007 during her infamous “umbrella meltdown.”

Britney Spears is originally from Kentwood, Louisiana, something her fans will not forget. The petition says:

Before becoming one of the world’s most important and influential pop legends, Britney Spears was living life in a small southern town by the name of Kentwood, Louisiana.

Not only has Britney proven her talent, but she’s proven her strength of character by not only overcoming highly publicized mental breakdown, but by continuously working towards improving herself. She’s an inspiration to millions.

The petition then goes on to list the numerous ways in which pop star Britney Spears has given back to her home state after making it big. The creator of the petition closes with the phrase:

Do the right thing: Replace the Confederate statues with an actual Louisiana hero and influencial human being, Britney Spears.

Do the right thing, Louisiana…

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