Police State: Cops Lob Tear Gas And Pepper Balls At Protesters In Phoenix


Yesterday’s rally in Phoenix headlining president Donald Trump culminated in protests and an even bigger police state when cops decided to tear gas anti-Trump protesters who were throwing unknown items at authority figures.

Phoenix, Arizona police have deployed tear gas against a group of protesters who gathered outside the venue for President Donald Trump’s rally. Some of the protesters reportedly threw objects at police. Yesterday’s rally in Phoenix proved only one thing: the stark division in the nation will end with an even harsher and oppressive police state for all. Brought to you by the United States government.

Riot police also belted an Anti-Trump protester in the crotch with a pepper ball. The man was one of the hundreds of protesters who gathered outside the Phoenix Convention Center in anticipation of President Donald Trump’s 90-minute campaign style speech. The number of protesters increased as the afternoon wore on, reaching a climax following the president’s speech.

Hundreds of protesters were reportedly dispersed at the scene outside the downtown Phoenix Convention Center, where Trump spoke to thousands of supporters earlier. Ruptly News Agency footage captured on video people shouting and running away from the tear gas deployed by the police.

“People in the crowd have begun throwing rocks and bottles at police. They also dispersed some gas in the area,” Phoenix Police Department spokesman Sergeant Jonathan Howard said, as quoted by Reuters.

“Police have responded with pepper balls and OC [oleoresin capsicum] spray in an attempt to disperse the crowd and stop the assaults,” Howard added. –RT

After the police dispersed some of the protesters who were refusing to comply with their orders, a small group of people carrying anti-Trump banners continued to demonstrate next to the police cordon. Police in riot gear then approached the chanting protesters and pushed them away from the scene.

There were some altercations as the thousands of Trump supporters were leaving the venue. One video shows several Trump supporters trying to leave the area in a vehicle being attacked by rioters. One man in the car was punched on the head while a female teenager sits behind him. –RT

Political division is at an all time high in America right now and neither side is focusing on individual human rights or freedom. Both sides assume that the other is their enemy instead of looking at the giant cause of all political discourse: the United States government who has been obviously oppressing people for over 100 years. Instead of actually fighting for freedom against the oppression all of us face at the hands of the government, Americans are fighting each other. The propaganda has succeeded in dividing the nation.

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