Harlem Residents Upset Over Cop Extinguishing BBQ


The New York Police Department is investigating a Youtube video that shows a cop dumping water on a grill at a sidewalk cookout. The action sparked angry words from Harlem residents who have accused the cop of being racist by denying black kids food.

In the one-minute video posted by a man calling himself “Israelite,” an officer from the 28th Precinct pours a jug of water on the coals extinguishing the BBQ being used to cook food during an outdoor cookout.

The video titled “Racist cop pours water on cookout grill and denies black children of food,” elicited a rash of responses buckling down on the cop’s alleged racism. However, other responses came to the cop’s defense saying that the fire in the grill was dangerous and could have hurt someone. (Even though no one was hurt.)

Those whose BBQ was ruined weren’t silent as the cop put out the fire. “That’s some real disrespect and s—, B,” one of the sidewalk barbecuers says, appearing to accuse the officer of “wilding.” Wilding is the activity by a gang of youths of going on a protracted and violent rampage in a public place, attacking people at random.

“There’s kids out here and everything, boss,” another says as a group of children passes by. “Feel better?” a third says. Someone then throws what appears to be ice cubes at the officer. Later, someone throws a water bottle that hits the police officer in the back and the cop doesn’t appear to be pleased by it. Maybe he’ll accuse the water bottle tosser of “blue racism.”

The confrontation appears to have happened over the weekend. “The commanding officer of the 28th Precinct has been made aware of the video and is conducting an investigation,” the NYPD said.

The cop was just following orders and well within the law according to James Long, an FDNY spokesman. Long said open flames are prohibited under the city’s fire code because of the inherent safety issues they present. Barbecue grills cause more than 1,500 structural fires and 4,200 outdoor fires a year, the department said. But that isn’t good enough for the Harlem residents who had their BBQ ruined by police involvement, and they are determined to paint the cop as racist.

The police officer may not have been racist. He’s at the very least an order follower, though. In fact, he would have probably extinguished any BBQ because he has the right dedicated to him by the fancy badge he carries to interfere in anyone’s life if he so chooses. And not everyone agreed with those who had their BBQ ruined either. According to the New York Post, “It’s illegal for a good reason,” wrote one. “No one should have a BBQ in the middle of a city sidewalk … Those cops told you all repeatedly to stop it. What gives you special privilege? You should have been fined.”

That’s a typical reaction from every statist in America on both sides though. “You’re doing something I don’t like. Pay a fine, or be forced by the government to stop.” So much for freedom. No wonder the police state has so much traction right now.

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