Private Companies Are Stepping In To Help Hurricane Victims

hurricane harvey

As the death toll in Texas rises to 14 after the devastating hurricane Harvey left its mark, private companies are stepping in. Doing more to help than the government ever could, the much-hated and demeaned corporations are putting profits on the line to save people.

Private companies coming together to aid in relief efforts will always help better and more effectively than the government. In fact, proving that the federal government is entirely unnecessary, without being forced under threats of violence or kidnap or financial hardships; people and private organizations are coming together without the government to help each other through this disaster.

Anheuser-Busch has halted beer production at its Cartersville, GA brewery to provide free cans of emergency drinking water to those affected by the storm. While the beer company initially sent out 50,000 cans to the Baton Rouge Red Cross, Anheuser-Busch has now sent over 155,00 cans to flood-damaged areas, The Miami Herald reported. The beer company expects over 100,000 more cans to arrive at the Red Cross in Arlington, Texas later this week, depending on road conditions.

Catastrophic flooding across Texas and parts of Louisiana is still a major hurdle since Hurricane Harvey it made landfall last Friday. But Anheuser-Busch isn’t the only company willing to help. Bass Pro Shops is pitching in with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Texas, providing dozens of boats to rescue and relief efforts. The outdoor retail giant will be providing over 80 Tracker boats to areas and rescue organizations in Houston and surrounding communities that were impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The company is supporting the efforts through its Bass Pro Cares Fund and are supporting disaster response organizations by donating relief supplies totaling $40,000.

These are not the only companies willing to assist the struggling people left in Harvey’s wake either. According to CNN Money, corporate America has donated millions to the disaster relief efforts in any way they can. Many donations are based on business models, making the money and items sent used in a much more effective manner than that of government intervention.

*Click here for CNN‘s breakdown of corporate aid to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.*

As many on the left in the United States demean capitalism as “cruel” and “greedy,” without it, none of the companies would have the extra money to donate to help the victims of this storm, which they did on their own, without being forced to do so by the government. This is just one more huge piece of evidence that humans don’t need government to save them.

It’s truly amazing what people will do to help when they aren’t wrapped up in the government’s bureaucratic red tape.

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