Test Run For Jihad? Man Sneaks Past Security At Miami International Airport – Makes It To Tarmac

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On Saturday, a man successfully evaded security at Miami International Airport and slipped onto a baggage carousel and rode it out to the tarmac where he was able to run until baggage handlers and other airport staff tackled him and he was arrested.

The man was talking on a cell phone when he slipped past the counter and dove onto the baggage carousel.

Security cameras did what apparently security couldn’t do and caught the man.  Take a look at this report from the Miami Herald.

The Miami Herald reports:

The unidentified man made it past a highly restricted area that most employees don’t even have access to, the source said.

“Had there been a plane at that gate, this individual could have entered the plane or had access to the aircraft. This is a very restricted area, only accessible to some with very limited access, and he was able to gain access. Very concerning,” the source said.

American Airlines officials confirmed that the incident occurred, but referred any questions to police.

Miami-Dade Police did not immediately respond to emails Sunday night.

MIA spokesman Marc Henderson said the incident is still under investigation and that it is still unclear if the man was a passenger, employee or scheduled to fly at all.

It was unknown if the man had a weapon.

According to CTV News, “The man is from Guatemala and had been involuntarily committed for mental health reasons just days before the incident on Saturday, an official said.”

Now, I’m not politically correct, but the man is definitely Middle Eastern, which means there is a high probability that he is Muslim, and with that comes another high probability, given that he engaged in this behavior, that he is an Islamist.

This leads me to question whether or not this was simply a dry run for Islamic jihad at the Miami International Airport.

The man’s name has not been released, and the Miami Herald indicates that the incident is being handled by the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

At the beginning of September as people made their way to Miami International Airport to escape Hurricane Irma, a man wielding a knife and acting erratically was shot after Miami-Dade police officers from the Incident Containment Team were called to Concourse J at the airport and saw the man run “through the restricted area” and then onto the tarmac.

This all points to the fact that the Transportation Security Administration is a joke.  These are just the latest indications of that.

As I pointed out earlier this week, the air traffic control audio from the night of the Las Vegas shooting indicates that they can’t even secure the perimeter nor the airport property.

We have seen how TSA agents have violated the Fourth Amendment, went to ridiculous lengths in order to “do their jobs,” stolen from citizensextortion, been corrupted with sodomites of all stripes, as well as employed those who were on terror watch listsengaged in pornographygroped people and now the trafficking of drugs, which doesn’t surprise me in the least considering that the US government has been behind quite a bit of drug trafficking itself.

And let’s not forget their failed body scanners and agents praying openly to Allah at the airport.

These people are not doing the job that is claimed. They are failing to stop explosives and weapons from coming through the airport and are engaging in criminal activity. It’s time the unconstitutional TSA was defederalized and all politicians who went along with the PATRIOT Act to be held accountable for passing it and usurping the power of the federal government in an area it had no business in.

Doesn’t this all make you feel safer, America?

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