Why Do the Las Vegas Shooting Survivors Keep Dying?


Does it seem mysterious to anyone else that the Las Vegas shooting survivors just keep dropping dead in one way or another? Being a witness seems almost as deadly as being at that ill-fated concert.

While there’s no hard evidence that anything hinky is going on, it sure seems like the Grim Reaper – or someone – is after these folks.

I always hesitate to join the chorus of conspiracy about these horrific events, because what we must learn from these is how to survive if we ever have the misfortune to be present in such a catastrophe. But it’s impossible to deny that there certainly is a very strange series of coincidences.

Before we delve into these deaths, let’s recap some other strange facts:

  • Witnesses kept disappearing, including the #1 eyewitness Jesus Campo who was somehow allowed to leave the country while wounded and under questioning.
  • The timeline of the event kept changing, not just a little bit, but dramatically.
  • The recordings from police scanners do NOT match the official story.
  • The laptops and phones of witnesses were completely wiped by authorities.
  • A number of tactical scenarios being provided to us absolutely do not add up.
  • Two months later, we STILL don’t know why. A bunch of lame theories were presented, but none of them told us why this wealthy gambler with no religious or political ties would do such a horrific thing.

I went into more detail about these oddities here.

And after all that, witnesses keep dying – five people now – two of whom were publicly challenging the one-shooter story.

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