False Flag: New Footage Shows Helicopter Hovering Near Mandalay Bay Hotel As The Las Vegas Massacre Unfolded


New footage has emerged from the night of the Las Vegas Massacre that seemingly shows a helicopter hovering in the airspace between the Delano Hotel and the Mandalay Bay as the attack took place, adding to a striking amount of evidence that points to helicopters either being used to carry out the attack or counter it.

The new footage has once again brought the theory that helicopters were used during the Las Vegas Massacre back into the spotlight, with many pointing to the video as further proof (on top of multiple other videos) that some sort of rogue team was operating in the airspace above the attack doing god knows what.

Keep in mind that helicopters are not allowed to simply hover around within the proximity of of the Vegas Strip without a special permit. You can see the helicopter around the 50 second mark as well as in the photo above.

Interestingly, the footage seems to further back up claims made by Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas during a much talked about appearance on The Alex Jones Show where he detailed his investigation into the massacre and highlighted evidence that pointed to multiple helicopters “going dark” as the horrific attack was happening.

As Ambellas noted about the new footage, “This footage is key and proves at least one helicopter was airborne and hovering in a stationary position against all protocol, rules, and regulations as bullets were striking the crowd around 10:06 p.m. (i.e. FAA radar data does not list any helicopters in the vicinity between 9:52 and 10:24 p.m. local time which means this chopper has gone dark.)”

Additionally, over the last month and a half this website, as well as multiple other alternative news outlets, have published a series of articles that highlighted other footage pointing to helicopters being used to conduct the attack and or possibly stop it.

“New footage has emerged that may show muzzle flashes coming from the helicopter in what looks to be evidence that a team was firing into the crowd from the air on that fateful night,” I reported on October 15th.

Just days later a shocking series of videos were released that furthered the belief held by many that multiple helicopters were indeed in the air at the time of the attack that left 58 dead and over 500 injured.

“Could the cover-up involve the fact that helicopter “gunships” fired down into the crowd of concert goers while other shooters conducted attacks on the ground as reported by 5 different witnesses?” wrote The Daily Sheeple.

“The following series of videos, at the very least, paint a picture of this being a shockingly real possibility.”

In what can only be described as a “WTF video” the following footage seems to literally show a team of unknown soldiers gearing up next to a helicopter near the Route 91 concert.

As Shepard Ambellas noted, “The 14-second clip shows several heavily armed men with belt-fed weapons gearing up for one of two things — either an aerial assault on the Route 91 crowd or an interception of the shooter who’s already in a helicopter. The men can be seen preparing to take off in the helicopter that just landed! But the question is, were they loading up before or after the shooting took place?”

Fast forwarding a month later, I reported on a video compilation that proved that dozens and dozens of witnesses all described seeing and or hearing helicopters during the massacre.

“In a move designed to make it easier for the general public to find the actual facts regarding the attack, a YouTuber by the name of “John E Hoover” has released a video compilation with all the eyewitness accounts of helicopters in the air at the time of the attack.”

“After watching the video it becomes strikingly clear that the helicopters were so obvious that most witnesses recorded during the attack specifically mentioned them.”

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