[VIDEO] Is The Flu Shot An IQ Test To Eliminate Stupid People?

flu shot

Is the flu shot a nationwide IQ test or experiment being run by globalists to “thin the herd” and eliminate people who are stupid enough to line up for flu shots?  One YouTube channel has tackled this very issue, and their take on it is extremely unnerving.

The Health Ranger uploaded a video back in March of 2017 that goes into detail about those willing to get the flu shot.  With this year’s  flu shot boasting a whopping 10% effective rate, it sure seems like those gung-ho for it are incapable of even minute amounts of research.  And coupled with that low rate of efficacy, doctors and those in the media are still saying that you should go get the shot.  So what gives?

Of course, it sounds insane that the elites would use a flu shot to thin the herd; or does it? The Health Ranger posed the question:

The video begins with the narrator asking for viewers to begin to think like globalists.  Since much of humanity will be obsolete in the coming generation thanks to robotics advancements, the elites seek to eliminate 90% of Earth’s population over time.  Bill Gates has even said he thinks that vaccines could play a role in the overall reduction of the human population growth.

“Everyone of us is expendable in the minds of the globalist,” says the Health Ranger, aka, Mike Adams. “They certainly don’t want people like you and I, who can think for ourselves.  They want obedient…not even workers anymore…we used to say ‘obedient workers.’ They want obedient elitists. Because the workers, they don’t even need for very much longer.” So how do they accomplish this population reduction?

“…what a great idea, from their point of view, to run around with a flu shot and just put..I don’t know, cancer viruses in it. Or just put extra mercury or just put infertility chemicals in it. Who’s gonna know?” – The Health Ranger, aka Mike Adams

And that’s the point that’s stuck personally after watching the video.  Do we really know what’s in a vaccine? We know what the insert says is in the flu shot, and that’s horrifying enough, but do we really think the elites would tell us if they put an extra dose of infertility drugs in the flu shot? “Nobody does composition tests on vaccine batches,” says Adams.  The FDA and the CDC do not test individual batches of vaccines, yet a very limited number of other scientists have done a few limited test.  Yet the results from those who do test these vaccines, are hardly calming and never front page news. 

In the study, published this week in the International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination, the researchers led by Antonietta Gatti, of the National Council of Research of Italy and the Scientific Director of Nanodiagnostics, say their results “show the presence of micro- and nano-sized particulate matter composed of inorganic elements in vaccine samples” not declared in the products’ ingredients lists. –Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute

Some of the vaccines even contained lead. “They can put anything they want in a vaccine then inject it in tens of millions of people and totally get away with it,” said the Health Ranger. He goes on to say that genocide will be done in a different way. The Nazis, for example, had to commit mass genocide by force. Gone are those days, but the condition through propaganda designed to get people to line up for the flu shot laced with infertility drugs would be just as effective.

“They use info-terrorism” to get people to line up for flu shots. Could the flu vaccine be used as an IQ test?

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