“They Are Still The Biggest Alligators In The Swamp”: Congressman Calls for Robert Mueller To Be Fired From His Sham Russian Collusion Investigation


A Republican Congressman from Florida has publicly called for special counsel Robert Mueller to be fired amid mounting evidence that the so-called “investigation” into collusion between Trump and Russia is nothing more than a political hit job aimed at taking out the democratically elected president.

Congressman Matt Gaetz made the stunning comments during an appearance on Fox News in which he correctly noted that Mueller and his team are so biased that they are literally one step away from becoming the mainstream media themselves.

Fox News Host Ed Henry started the interview by asking Gaetz if he believed that there should be a “purge” within the FBI after the plethora of evidence that points to the fact that high-level FBI agents were actively working to help their preferred presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

“The problem is that in the swamp that is Washington D.C. the biggest alligator is a politicized FBI and Department of Justice,” Gaetz said after first acknowledging that there are indeed at least some good people who work there.

“That’s why we are fighting hard to make sure that we got a fair and equal opportunity for both sides to be heard and so that you don’t have this pro-Hillary Clinton bias, anti-Donald Trump bias,” Gaetz continued.

Henry then repeated his question about a possible purge within the FBI to which Gaetz responded with a full on attack on the very credibility of Robert Mueller himself while also noting all the different officials that have been demoted or plan to retire over this increasingly huge scandal.

“I mean, if Bob Mueller were any more biased, we’d have to give him press credentials for the mainstream media,” Gaetz rightfully declared.

“I’ve been calling on Mueller to be fired for months now.”

The public call for Mueller to be fired comes on the heels of the release of direct evidence that proves that the entire Mueller probe is a complete and utter sham that isn’t even investigating actual ties to Russia but rather is trying to tie up former Trump associates with crimes that they may or may not have committed years before the 2016 election.

As I reported yesterday, “This is not up for debate as this shocking fact has now been openly admitted in the mainstream media through an article by The Daily Beast’s Betsy Woodruff, a reporter who in the past has had key information leaked to her with the specific aim of taking out a democratically elected president.”

“The article details the fact that Mueller is likely to indict short-lived Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort once again and of course his supposed crimes have literally nothing to do with Russia. In other words, this is a clear cut operation to take out President Trump by any means necessary.”

Thankfully we now have at least some politicians who are taking the risk of publicly speaking out against Mueller and the deep state which could obviously backfire if the establishment decides to personally attack them for their support of President Trump.

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