Get Ready For The World’s First Universal Flu Vaccine

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Right now the entire globe is facing one of the nastiest flu seasons in years. Compounded by a seasonal vaccine that’s proved to be less effective than usual, the vaccine manufacturers have decided to come up with something new they’ll want you to inject.

The reason most are people are told to get a new flu shot every year is because the virus keeps mutating, with several strains floating around the environment at any one time. Since vaccine manufacturers just guess at what will be prevalent one year, the flu shot isn’t much more effective than a person’s natural immune system (and that’s giving the flu shot a lot of credit).

Since humans are catching on to what a scam the flu shot is, vaccine manufacturers need to ensure that their money supply stays intact.  So they are creating a universal flu vaccine. Many propagandists and supporters of Big Pharma are just loving this idea.

Naturally, our lives would be much simpler if we could just get one “universal” flu vaccine shot that could protect against most strains for a longer period of time – and now it looks like Vaccitech, a private spinoff of Oxford University in the UK, is getting closer and closer to that goal.

The company, which just announced it’s scored US $27.6 million from investors including Alphabet Inc.’s venture capital arm GV, has already started a two-year Phase 2 clinical trial on their universal flu vaccine. -Science Alert

The MVA-NP+M1  vaccine is supposed to work differently than regular influenza vaccines. It’s intended to boost those T-cells – a type of immune cell – that are already familiar with the flu and uses the stable core material of the virus to do so. Unlike the proteins on the surface, in influenza type A (the most common source of infection for us)those core proteins hardly change, making them a potentially great vaccine target.

The world-first trial is currently testing the vaccine’s efficacy in 862 people aged 65 and older, and the researchers are estimating to complete this effort by October 2019.

But no one seems to be asking, nor do they seem to care, what could be in this new vaccine. All we have to go on is the word of the vaccine manufacturer who says this is safe, and wouldn’t profit if they said otherwise.

“If we get positive data that shows we can affect rates of hospitalization and illness with influenza then there is no question in my mind that a partner would take this on,” Vaccitech CEO Tom Evans told Reuters. “This could be a game-changer in a very competitive market,” says Evans, who will profit immensely off of this new vaccine – whether it works and is safe or not.

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