A Government Shutdown Wouldn’t Be A Bad Thing, But It Won’t Shutdown


The mainstream media seems to be all over which side to blame in the event of a government shutdown.  But for the economy and individual liberty, a government shutdown is about the best thing that could happen.

The federal government could shut down at the end of the week amid a looming Friday-night funding deadline and failure of Congress and the president to pass a new spending bill, according to Newsweek. Well, let’s all hope so.  Just imagine a complete shutdown.  No one to take taxes.  No one to pay for war.  No one to ban plants.  Oh wait, that stuff still happens during a “shutdown” so it hard to see what people are so afraid of.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan unveiled on Tuesday evening the Republicans’ plan to buy more time to negotiate with the Democratic members of Congress. He proposed a bill that would prevent a government shutdown and extend funding until February 16.  But the funding is the problem.  The government operates way above their capacity and at some point, that national debt will be a problem.


Of course, don’t listen to those who think outside government.  By all means, trust the people who have squandered social security (a Ponzi scheme they started and forced you to invest in whether you wanted to or not), steal from every one of your paychecks, bomb overseas in your name, and print money at such an astonishing rate that you’re getting poorer by the day thanks to inflation. 

But that’s what’s happening.  Republicans and Democrats are terrified of living their lives without government intrusion.  They practically don’t know what to do without their master (the government) dictating to them. Who cares who’s to blame? Shut it down and take some responsibility for your life.  But liberty and freedom are too taboo, supposedly.

This bill is the fourth stop-gap bill since the end of the fiscal year in September. A House vote is scheduled to take place on Thursday.

poll released Tuesday found that 42 percent of Americans will blame President Trump and Republicans in Congress if a government shutdown takes place.

There have also been recently debunked rumors regarding a possible military shutdown.

So have no fear.  The wars will go on and you’ll still have your income stolen from you.

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